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Paper Lace Cutting

Paper lace cutting is a decorative form of art that produces designs in a unique but simple way.
The designs are created by a distribution of void and solid areas that often come out in form of thin lines that remind us of lace work. This book about this art is produced in the hope of popularizing this art that often produces much more charming designs than so called "abstract" art. Paper lace cutting have a compositional balance that can be appreciated by any one, even by a child or an unsophisticated person. The so-called "abstract" art pieces are crowed about only in a society where people very often hypocritically want to show that they are elites. The Universal appeal of this art has broadened its base.
So considering the level of enjoyment that a piece of art can give to the viewer and to the artist, paper lace cutting very often supersedes the so-called "abstract" forms of art.
The compositional balance of lace cutting designs are comparatively much free flowing and pleases very eye. This mass appeal in the arrangement of space and solids of paper lace cutting forms disperses with the sham hiprocracey of "form breaking" dogma.
The compositional balance is produced not only in repeating the fields but also in the skill with which the cuts are made on the folded sheets. Very often nature produces the same compositional balances in multidimensional aspects.
To quote just a few examples- snow flakes produce astonishingly complicated designs when seen in a magnified way. The leaves and their venation system, the natural designs of the branches, waves on water and ripples on sand dunes, all produce Symmetry and design without disturbing the basic harmony.
As no form of art can go beyond its physical form in its material existence, while its metaphysical form or "Rasa" remains abstract, the overloaded explanations for incompetence in the name of "abstract art is nothing but a myth.
That myth has never been accepted by general mass of humanity who appreciate many sophisticated traditional forms, and this mass appreciation is reflected in the vastness, diversity of folk motifs all over this planet.
Paper lace cutting, being an accepted form of folk motif playing with odd shapes that depend on their compositional excellency for success, has made its place not only in the cultural aspect of many oriental and occidental lands, but also in the heart of millions through out the ages.
Lace cutting in paper are made in many parts of the world, especially far Eastern countries.
In modern times, western world has also seen a number of lace cutting forms that grade from simple to semi-complicated.
Generally, the lace cutting depict regional characters and style. The interesting point about lace cutting art is that flourish in the Oriental region, concentrate on motifs inspired by the tradition of that area while western forms reflect designs that are more readily acceptable to western or westernised persons.
Indian paper lace cutting is certainly one of the best in the world in, both figurative and decorative styles.
This is a decorative art and is used to decorate rooms and religious places in many occasions and ceremonies.
This art has existed for many years, in various folk forms. The joys and festive laughter of common man form the basic of appreciation of the form of art that appeals with a harmony of shapes and contours.
Children from early age may start making these paper laces and are likely to create complicated forms as they mature in age and concept. Cheap to produce art, which is a good past time too, has enhanced the school days of many a child and has helped in developing his or her imagination and neuro-muscular co-ordination.
I very well remember the joy I felt when I beheld a beautiful huge paper lace cutting work hanging in the "Pandal" of Durga Puja in Hedua Park in Calcutta.
The way that piece of work was displayed was really astounding. It was suspended in midair with very fine thread and fixed in such a way with long threads that it remained as if suspended in midair.
The effect of repeated designs in paper lace cutting work in often Kaleidoscopic.
Very often it is possible by using various methods of folding to produce designs of different rhythms.
I never personally draw any lines before making the cuts required in the lace work. In fact it is not customary in India to mark with pencil or otherwise before making the cuts before cutting in paper. Paper is first folded in various forms and then snips are made with a sharp pair of scissors.
Then it is spread out showing a symmetry of design. Finer touches may be added with a sharp cutting blade.
One must let his or her imagination play freely when making the cuts and the result is very often thrilling indeed.

The Art of Paper Lace Cutting
by Prabal Pramanik


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