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Creative animation

Man first must have started his “animation programme” when he saw how shadows moved on the cave walls by the light of the fire.
First human interest in the moving images was not for money, career or any crude material gain.
The first interest in “animated images” developed out of sheer joy of appreciating a different aspect of life. That different aspect was the pleasure of enjoying a creative form.

Such easy yet forceful animated projections on cave walls must have been created and recreated and enjoyed for thousands of years.
Those were the times when humans accepted life in a much more straightforward manner without the hypocrisy of the world of modern times.
So the flow of artistic joy was not polluted by complexes and falsehoods as it is now, for many people in the so called art-world.
The creative joy of making and enjoying pictures that move was the most important factor when people experimented with different kinds of animation movie making in 19th and 20th centuries, when frame by frame animations were painstakingly created.
Making animation movies as a money making career option in modern times has pushed the concept of creative joy to the backseat and the financial viability for the sake of “career success” is the foremost concern of animation production today.
The need to “click” in the market, in other words, the marketability of the animation movies have become the most important factor for animation industry.
I see a sharp difference in creative philosophy of art animation and that of industrialized animation.
Art animation in 19th and in the first half of 20th century almost always had the mark of individual styles of the artists who made them.

Art animation is not only individualized like a painting, it also shows personalized innovations painstakingly presented by people for whom the creation of animation movie as a piece of art was the primary concern, and not the amount of monetary gain obtained from the sale value of the animation movies.
I started making “moving pictures” from 1966 just for the sake of the pleasure I got from making them and I still make animation movies with Arup Chandra for the same pleasure.
Since I work in Indian paper cutting art as well as in other mediums, I like to make my paper cuttings come alive through animation.
Every piece I make is painstakingly made for the joy of creating the piece, and as I have no compulsion, I can experiment with different creative forms.
Arup Chandra and I never evaluate our love’s labour in terms of money, or market potential. We play about like children when creating our animations, creating the frames, synchronizing them to form a strip in movie form.
For us, villagers in a remote rural area surrounded by woodlands in the foot hills of the Himalayas where we work and live are just as important as the so called “sophisticated” audience in a large metropolis.

The direct contact with the people at grass roots level is very important in our agenda.
The internet will allow the viewers all over the world to have just a glimpse of our very own animation world that we share with the people of Bhamlada, a hamlet in the hills in northern India. We have made lots of animations, the internet shows just a little of it.
As we are not creating for the sake of money or as career options, the artistic joy that we get from our creative work is always present in our work. It is a pure and uninhibited joy, free from social complexes.
A bit of that joy we share with you here on this web site.

Prabal Pramanik


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The crow and the scarecrow
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Children’s poems in Bengali
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The Magic Scissors
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The Flight
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The bull fight
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The animal film company
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The animal concert
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The Enchanted Palace
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Hari prema gagane chira raka
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St. George and the dragon
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Mahishasuramardini Durga
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The cockroach and the lizard
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Prem Setu
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