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Mahabharat in Devasthanakala Paper Cutting Art
by Ustad Kalakar Prabal Pramanik


Mahabharat-4.jpg (78895 bytes)
An army preparing to go to battle at Kurukshetra.
This masterpiece is a large piece of work on a single
piece of paper made without any drawing or tracing.
Paper cutting design by Prabal Pramanik

Mahabharat is one of the greatest epic of Indian Subcontinent.
The name it self is unique in suggesting the cultural and spiritual unity of the subcontinent. This concept of encompasses entire Indian subcontinent and emphasizes on the magnitude of the dimensions of the epic.
It is highly probable that the epic like Iliad and Odyssey was based on true indents initially and later many additions and alterations were made in accordance to regional trends and also by individual chroniclers when the story was rewritten many times.
It is quite difficult to determine the date of the original story, through it is likely that it is older than thousand B.C.
The epic is structured on the story of a family feud but that story is just a base which has been used to elaborate the play of diverse human emotions and deep spiritual and practical wisdom.
The story of the epic is a quare blend of morale and unscrupulous selfishness for ego gratification. Conflicting emotions resulting in repeated self contradictions pressurized by the illusions of gratifications of negative egos of false prestige and the thirst for revenge create multiple psychic complexes in this saga of great magnitude.
The wisdom that explains the significance of the spiritual force in relation to the practical life, expressed in this epic make this epic different from other ancient sagas in dimensional strength. This is the reason why the social psyche in Indian subcontinent has been and is still so greatly influenced by this epic.
So forceful is the influence of this epic on Indian society, that its impact is felt by people of every walk of life as it was felt in ancient times.
The epic has inspired poets, artists, philosophers and even revolutionaries through out the ages in the history of India.
The influence of the epic Mahabharata has been of vital importance in classical and folk art both. Most disciplines of art in this subcontinent, whether visual or performing, have been influenced by this epic in the aspects of subject selection and emotional portrayal.
Artistic expressions ranging from murals to miniature paintings, from classical sculptures to folk art pieces have found subject matter from this epic. This epic has shown its important subject matter in the illustrations of old manuscripts to contemporary wash paintings.
Even in the contemporary world, this epic is popularized through multiple movie presentations to children’s comics.
Incidents from this epic often provides the subject matter for performing arts in traditional and contemporary forms both.
Traditional performing art forms such as Pondwari, Kathakali, Yatra have often based the performances on the tales from this epic utilizing the emotional intensity of the story to create the dramatic effect.
The grandeur of the epic Mahabharat made it a favourite subject for dramatic settings through out the ages.
Even today, the inner wisdom of this epic is held in reverence by countless people not only in India but beyond its shores too.
The epic is quite a literary feat indeed and has been presented in most regional languages in India.
There are indeed many different versions of the epic and regional trends often are presented in different ways, though the basic character of the epic remains more or less the same.
The heroes of this epic are human beings with human short comings and failings, yet involved in this fateful and intense drama of great dimension.
Emotions in extreme form, both negative and positive are displayed in this epic and create controversies in the characters depicted here.
The poetic work is intensely descriptive and superb in the expressions of emotions that range from gross to sublime. The epic has its own value system, that may be or may not be acceptable to individuals in accordance to personal tastes and ethics.
Yet, forceful way of expressing the story, often presenting the conflicting psychic state of the characters, has been impressing countless people throughout the ages in India and also in areas influenced by ancient Indian philosophy.
The epic Mahabharat presents a diverse scenario where different worlds come together and Gods, Demi Gods, Demons and men mingle.
In this literary work social dramas are used at times to draw aside the veil of the apparent to reveal the glow of the eternal wisdom.
Eternal wisdom that provides explanations for the basic questions of existence is presented in certain and forceful manner in many parts of this timeless epic.
The epic Mahabharata is a part of my tradition and has been an important literary work in many forms from childhood story book to the present and everlasting spiritual refuge in its wisdom.
Matters ranging from the justification of existence to the divine promise of redemption are deltwith here and this gives this epic a special status in my personal life.
This literary work is not just an epic, this is an inspiration that inspite of multiple contradictions, act as one of the main supporting pillars of the civilization in India.
As I have stated before, this magnificent epic has invoked artistic expressions in art through many different disciplines and styles through out the ages in history, so by the Grace of Almighty. I have created a detailed set on the epic Mahabharat in Devasthanakala paper cutting art.
Probably this is the only set of Devasthanakala paper cutting art work depicting this epic in the world. So this large set of art works that depict the major events in this epic is a treasure in the cultural history of mankind.
Here, I present some of the reproductions of the master pieces that are made without any drawing, tracing or copying and are unique in the history of art.
by Prabal Pramanik


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kalyanivarta-logo.jpg (16488 bytes)

Mahabharat-10.jpg (25494 bytes)
Paper cutting design by Prabal Pramanik


Mahabharat-3.jpg (45747 bytes)
The dispute between Shiva as Kirata
and Arjuna over the slain boar.

Paper cutting design by Prabal Pramanik


Mahabharat-6.jpg (37317 bytes)
Krishna snd Karna
Paper cutting design by Prabal Pramanik


Mahabharat-1.jpg (25907 bytes)
Birth of Draupadi in Yagna
Paper cutting design by Prabal Pramanik


Mahabharat-9.jpg (20373 bytes)
Paper cutting design by Prabal Pramanik





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