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Chirantan Brindavan

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Radha and Krishna playing holi,
the spring festival of colours

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Manbhanjan, Krishna trying to appease Radha

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Shringar, Krishna dressing Radha's hair

An unexplainable urge to be at one with the beloved, an urge that cares not for social barriers and set values, an urge that pushes aside all the thoughts of material gain or loss, manifests itself in the eternal love of Radha and Krishna.
This "spiritual impulse" or an urge for something beyond the material fulfillment in its culminating stage nullifies all gross animal urges that includes the urge of crude sex.
This paradox dissolves when consciousness of the soul seeks its ultimate realization through the union with Eternal and All-pervading Consciousness.
This urge is an inner impulse that cares not for pedantic explanations or for intellectual expertise.
Radha’s yearnings for Krishna started at the material stage with the relationship of man and woman as the base and reached out to the metaphysical stage by seeking a union that could not be materialized on physical and worldly plane. This union is at an astral plane of superior level in a metaphysical world.
The sincere feelings that cared nothing for wealth, social milage or for the fulfillment of physical sexual pleasure, carried Radha along the path of "Sadhana" or spiritual discipline, though she may not have been aware of this fact.
The concept of Krishna surpassed its material limitations and for Radha, symbolized supreme divine power.
So, the infinite and unexplainable became acceptable and reachable through the relationship of the lover and the beloved.
This relationship transcends the carnal level of temporary sexual satisfaction. Once this temporary level is surpassed, the soul detaches itself from the biological compulsion and reaches a higher stage.
When the beloved is looked upon not as an object of sex satisfaction, but as an ultimate spiritual goal, the transformation of sexual desire to a yearning for spiritual fulfillment takes place.
Sincere inner feeling is the propelling force here. Arguments and reasoning have little to do in this situation.
Did Radha expect any love in return for her love after Krishna had left Brindavana?
Certainly not from Krishna the human being, for at some point Radha must have painfully realized that Krishna will not return to Brindavana.
Perhaps she did not even expect Krishna, the king of Dwaraka to remember her or to give her importance.
Krishna, the historical character fades away and his place is taken by a divine concept that has been accepted as the spiritual consort of Radha.
This "spiritual consort" theory in divine form have uplifted the identity of Radha, the daughter of the chieftain Brishabhanu to a divine status in Indian subcontinent from olden times.
The faith creates the God and the faith of innumerable people throughout the ages has created the immortal divine pair, Radha and Ghanashyama Krishna.
Radha has been accepted as a devotee who reaches salvation or spiritual liberation through selfless love.
It is a love that nullifies the individual and flows on in the path of Eternity beyond the limits of transitory time, beyond the boundaries of time and space. Radha and Eternal consciousness conceptualized as Krishna continue their Lila or divine relationship on astral plane in an Eternal Brindavan created through the selfless love and devotion of Radha.

Om Radhe Shyam.

By Prabal Pramanik

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Apeksha, Radha waiting for Krishna

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Jhulan of Radha and Krishna. The beloved and
the devoted lover on the swing of Eternity

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The dream of Radha


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